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Digital mentoring

Project: Education platform: Digital mentoring for the talents of tomorrow

At its core is the StayIN app, a digital learning space. In this digital learning space, sponsored students and mentors with an academic background, who have been selected and trained by StayIN, meet. This mentoring support replaces the lack of family support and is focused on individual needs.

Starting situation

Currently, about 6-7% of all young people leave school without a diploma, with dramatic consequences for individuals and society. Affected young people have little chance of finding an apprenticeship, are unable to develop their potential and find it difficult to find work. On the other hand, there are enormous costs for society for the maintenance of social systems. The reason for the lack of a degree is often not a lack of intelligence, but a difficult life situation that leads to a drop in school performance and a loss of desire to learn. We at StayIN recognized this problem a few years ago and set ourselves the goal of improving the situation in the long term.

Objectives & solution

Our goal is to improve the situation described above by using digital solutions. We have found that there are a large number of people with an academic background who also perceive this grievance and are willing to get involved in it, but they lack the appropriate platform. This is where our StayIN learning platform comes into play.

With the help of our specially developed StayIN learning platform – the StayIN App – we want to a) offer students the opportunity to search for suitable mentors and network with them and b) offer mentors the opportunity to pursue the desire for social commitment and find suitable students or mentees. In addition, the StayIN app provides a suitable digital learning space that ensures the sensitive protection of underage students and enables contemporary, intuitive collaboration.

In summary, the StayIN app offers the following advantages:

  • No geographical restrictions, cost-efficiency and scalability through digital app
  • The app offers optimal matching between mentor and mentee based on information on language, subject, interests, etc.
  • Security through the possibility of connecting parents and safeguarding data protection according to GDPR
  • Interactive learning environment with the possibility of video calls, document sharing and chat.

Partners & Duration

For the development of the app, we cooperated with the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Hamburg led by Prof. Maalej. As part of a student project called M-Lab, the students designed and developed the prototype of our StayIN app according to our requirements.

This partnership resulted in the first version of our StayIN app, which covers the core functionalities and is ready for use. In the next step, the app should be further developed to include additional functionalities.