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Establishment of a dual training system

Project: Establishment of a dual training system in Afghanistan

This project aims to establish a dual training system for industry in Afghanistan and thus provide the skilled workforce needed for sustainable economic growth. To achieve this goal, we identify the most urgently needed skills and create occupational profiles for them that are adapted to the situation in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan faces significant economic challenges, relying heavily on international aid, with a majority of its population living below the poverty line. The country experiences a "brain drain" as talented youth seek opportunities abroad, resulting in a shortage of skilled workers. The lack of job opportunities, sustainable economic growth resources, and technical professionals further hinder Afghanistan's development.


  1. Our goals are:

    1. Establish a dual educational system for industrial demands. Adapted from the successful German model, we aim to create a dual educational system tailored to Afghanistan’s unique requirements. This system will provide students with both, theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
    2. Strengthen the Afghan Industry by supporting the industrial sector by developing a highly skilled workforce. This will help create a pool of well-trained industrial workers who can contribute to the country’s economic growth.
    3. Retain talent and prevent “Brain Drain” by offering young people prospects within Afghanistan.
    4. Promoting economic growth and international cooperation by facilitating a network between German and Afghan industries.
    5. Establishing a strong connection between education and industrial growth, ensuring that educational programs meet the needs of the Afghan industry.


To achieve these goals, we proceed stepwise: 

  1. Identification of Skill Needs: We will work closely with Afghan industry stakeholders to identify specific skill requirements.
  2. Drawing inspiration from the German model, we will adapt job profiles to match Afghanistan’s specific needs, considering differences in pre-education, available machinery, program duration, teacher qualifications etc.
  3. Support from Afghan Authorities: We have secured overall support from relevant Afghan authorities, including TVET (Technical Vocational and Educational Training), Afghan ministries of industry, and education. Individual contract steps will not require Afghan approval.


The implementation will be done step by step focussing on the urgent needs of the of industry and society in Afghanistan. We start with a prototype project “Inductrial Electrician” where the project structure will be defined for following vocational professions. This will be followed by the education of industrial mechanics, fitters, drillers and machine operators. In parallel we will establish a Stayin vocational school in cooperation with the Afghan authorities and industry.


Phase 1

Phase 1 (Initial Support) will last approximately 3 years and will involve funding and support from German organizations such as like GIZ, foundations, private companies and individuals. The StayIN team and our local partner MMO (Mind Misssion Organisation) serve as the primary project facilitators. Afghanistan will provide the necessary approvals, permissions, classrooms, and teachers for general subjects.

Phase 2

In Phase 2 (Transition to Afghan Responsibility), Afghanistan will assume responsibility for the program's continuation, with state entities and Afghan companies recognizing the value of the dual education system and investing in the country's future. In this phase, StayIN will closely monitor the dual education system's progress and effectiveness for approximately 2-3 years.

Phase 3

In Phase 3 (Sustainability), companies and state institutions will take full ownership of the education system, and direct investments from within and outside Afghanistan will sustain the project. StayIN will continue to offer occasional, targeted assistance in the project's final phase, as required. The trainees form a network within StayIN. In this network, acquired knowledge and resources are gathered to empower Afghanistan to develop from its own strengths.

Project Team


Sanam Ahmadi


Schekeba Jentsch


Jürgen Kanne


Meihen Kohsar


Sabayn Mirakai


Waldemar Schmidt


Tarik Vardag