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StayIN Projects

StayIN promotes education and also works as an NGO abroad. Our approach to move from an idea to successful implementation of a project is focused on close cooperation with our local partners abroad. We have already succeeded in building a strong network in Afghanistan - our plan to bring the dual education system based on the German model to Afghanistan has found strong partners. We cooperate with universities, educational institutes, industrial companies and a local NGO, MMO. As a registered Afghan NGO, MMO promotes education and shares our ideals. Our key principle for initiating projects illustrates our way of working together: Each StayIN project is implemented by both teams. One team works locally on site and the other team from Germany. Both teams have scientists available to provide technical support.

Establishment of a dual training system in Afghanistan

This project aims to establish a dual training system for industry in Afghanistan and thus provide the skilled workforce needed for sustainable economic growth. To achieve this goal, we identify the most urgently needed skills and create occupational profiles for them that are adapted to the situation in Afghanistan.

Prototype for dual training as an industrial electrician

In Afghanistan, a prototype for dual training as an industrial electrician is being developed to strengthen the electronics industry and infrastructure. Afghanistan has significant energy needs, but the electronics industry suffers from low investment and a shortage of skilled workers. The project aims to train a skilled workforce, train students in industrial electrics and improve the quality of training. It is implemented in three phases, starting with a requirements and occupational analysis, followed by the development of the training prototype and implementation.

Business management for women in Afghanistan

The project is a six-month course for Afghan women with the aim of developing the entrepreneurial skills of Afghan women. The course imparts the essential knowledge and skills to run businesses effectively and thus also strengthens the position of women in Afghanistan in general.

Promoting online study for Afghan women

The project aims to enable a larger number of Afghan women to study - despite the ban in the country itself. By supporting interested women in selecting suitable courses and universities as well as in applying for and taking up studies, the project aims to reduce the barriers to taking up online studies.

Symposium in Kabul, Afghanistan

In summer 2023, StayIN, in cooperation with our local partner organisation MMO, held a high-level symposium with representatives of the Afghan business and political communities. This symposium marked the conclusion of a comprehensive needs assessment with regard to the lack of qualified workers in Afghanistan and the simultaneous establishment of a far-reaching network of supporters.

Education platform: Digital mentoring for the talents of tomorrow

At its core is the StayIN app, a digital learning space. In this digital learning space, sponsored students and mentors with an academic background, who have been selected and trained by StayIN, meet. This mentoring support replaces the lack of family support and is focused on individual needs.