StayIN – Education is here to stay!

The SITC (StayIN International Training Center)

The SITC is operating as a part of the StayIN organization offering a range of training programs to young Afghans,
providing them with the resources to develop their skills.

SITC Mission

The goal of SITC is to provide educational opportunities to young Afghans via commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and moral leadership.

SITC Vision

The SITC, in alignment with StayIN’s overarching vision, is committed to becoming a hub for excellence in youth development. The center aspires to empower the younger generation by offering comprehensive training modules that cover a spectrum of disciplines, ranging from professional skills to personal development. SITC envisions a future where Afghanistan’s youth emerge not just as skilled professionals but as visionary leaders capable of navigating the complexities of a dynamic global landscape.

There is a lot more to say and write about the SITC. Below, you can find announcements and contents of past workshops. There are also separate pages on specific details of the SITC:

  • For key aspects of the SITC work, see here.
  • If you want to get to know some key team members, see here.
  • For topics that have already been covered or for which we hope to do future trainings, see here
  • If you want to learn about the role of foreign trainers and their importance for the SITC, see here.

The format of our workshops so far has been that of online meetings (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet) of a duration of about one hour each. Each training is conducted in English by one trainer who is an expert in the topic discussed, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation and concluded with a Q&A session with the trainer. In the future, we may add other formats.

Our target audience are young Afghans (age around 18-30) with at least intermediate English knowledge and an interest in improving their life and business skills.

What you can do to support the SITC

If you think that helping young Afghans learn skills and capabilities, supporting the SITC is a good way to do it. You can

  • Volunteer as a trainer, teaching specific skills to Afghans in online classes
  • Let other people know about the SITC and our need for trainers
  • Check out our website and maybe even write a blog post for us
  • Donate money to help us expand the SITC offerings of classes.

Future Trainings

For 2024, a number of trainings are being prepared. Currently, the following topics are being planned:
- Project Management
- Teambuilding
- Public Speaking
- Marketing
- Online Sales
- Communication Styles

The list of topics may be changed or extended depending on the availability of suitable trainers and funding.

Past Trainings

Below is some information on past trainings.