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StayIN is a non-profit association that promotes education.


This is what we stand for

StayIN stands for equal opportunities in education. The social status of the family should not determine educational success. Every human being should be enabled to recognize and develop his or her potential. We follow the approach "The Idea of Justice" by Amartya Sen: Sen judges the measure of justice in a society by the presence of free spaces for personal development. For him, the family situation and the educational offer are among the most important factors in achieving equal opportunities – these factors are even more important than possession and income. This equality of opportunity is necessary in order to give everyone the freedom to define their own goals in a self-determined manner - and to pursue them.

What drives us

In our vision of a healthy society, educational equity is realized and every individual has the opportunity to develop his or her full potential. Growing up happens in a supportive environment where both personal and professional development is an entrenched right. Fostering critical thinking skills is an essential part of education. We are committed to development aid that not only offers short-term solutions, but also promotes the independence and self-responsibility of the community in the long term. Such a society supports the development of the country and reduces dependence on international aid.

Our Approach

Our mission is to implement educational support projects through collaborations and networks with local and global partners. We rely on a project-oriented approach that promotes knowledge transfer and diversity. In doing so, we are internationally involved and work together with multidisciplinary teams. By using a digital platform, we enable access to education for all. Together with experts from Germany, we strive to generate output instead of input and to bring about sustainable changes in Afghanistan's educational landscape.

Projects and plans

Establishment of a dual training system in Afghanistan

The aim of this project is to establish a dual training system for industry in Afghanistan and thus provide the skilled workforce needed for sustainable economic growth.  To achieve this goal, we identify the most urgently needed qualifications and create professional profiles for them that are adapted to the situation in Afghanistan.

Business Management for Women in Afghanistan

The project is a six-month course for Afghan women with the aim of developing the entrepreneurial skills of Afghan women. The course provides the essential knowledge and skills to run businesses effectively and thus also strengthens the position of women in Afghanistan in general.

Education Platform: Digital Mentoring for the Talents of Tomorrow

The core is the StayIN app, a digital learning space. In this digital learning space, sponsored students meet with mentors with an academic background who have been selected and trained by StayIN. This mentoring support replaces the lack of family support and is focused on individual needs.

Support Us

Let’s work together to make education accessible to all.

Everyone has the right to education and the chance for a better future. Together, let us open this opportunity to everyone.

Please donate to our educational support projects. Every euro counts and can change a person’s life. Together, we can make a positive contribution and improve education and living conditions.

Thank you for your support! StayIN is a non-profit association and for your donations, whether monetary or in-kind donations, we can issue corresponding donation receipts.

Your StayIN Team

Educational platform: Digital mentoring for the talents of tomorrow

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